Flash - Psychosync lyrics

"Raise your eyes, your not yet dead
Although your youthful head has changed.

Two summers gone, she counts the days
But coming like a wind, I see the way."

Although your youthful head has changed.

"Catalina's breath, it seems, is
Curling 'round my ears, is in your trees.
The more I love your greenest land,
The more I feel the need to go away."

"Giving all I could within reason,
Despite doubt the makers of my fate would cast"
Carpenters and paperhangers
Tradesmen through to royal shoemakers.

Leave them all behind (Noble they may be, they should be psychosync)
A clearer state of mind (A clearer state of mind)

"Having one to talk to
After losing everything I thought
Was all it should have been.

Grey-green eyes looked out upon a world
And saw my words were true
But fell in backward rhyme."

Like seagull's taking flight (Seagull's taking flight, flying low)
Birds could never know (Birds could never know).