Fivestar Riot - Too Capitvating lyrics

So go leave me out in this cold to fend off those who'd try to show me pity.
I can't be mad at you,
After all you left us hanging by some thread.

So we can say that this relation has no end
And we pretend that it's over and we're over this.

And I can't see your eyes.
Too Captivating, to release me.
I confess that I'm not ready for your time.

You'll never take me back.
A peeve is all we're standing on.
You're not making any sense.
Just what you're saying isn't what I'm looking at.

I'm losing my balance you know and it's going far downhill. No use in trying because we're fine and you're not mine.

I confess, I'm just a boy,
Not ready for your time,
But hey, I don't need your time.

I can't see your eyes.
They'll only steal me.
No I can't see you're eyes,
They'll take me captive.
I can't see you're eyes..