Five Cent Wish - So Sorry lyrics

Last night
As I looked out across the sky
Not a single reason
To stay with you came to mind
Forgetting is obligation
And with all my time i try
But i can never say goodbye
Im dying for a past with you
Or a future with out you would surely do
But im stuck in the present with this heartache
And only time can remedy the pain
Im so sorry
I dont know where
To begin or where to end
Why cant today just move on and go away?
Its sad i have to look you in the eye
And tell you we can never speak
We have to say goodbye
Id be better off without
So i'll keep my head held high
I'll just sit back and watch us die
Comtemplating is so frustrating
And it never gets anywhere
If you're "so low"
And im "so high"
Then why cant i just say goodbye?