Fishboy - Parachute (Using The Ghost Of Buddy Holly As A) lyrics

falling backwards to the earth
is less impressive than you'd think it'd be

"and if your parachute don't work
I'll be the one who pens your biography"

and I thought I'd lost my mind
cause a friend was harder to find

"but someone's got your back"

that's what the parachute told me

I was half way out the door
when from my phone a voice sang out to me

"your backpacks on the floor
it looks like someone stuffed it full of sheets"

had I lost my head?
could I believe what it said?

"but someones got your back"

thats what the parachute told me

so I didn't even think about it
lept with my head held high
so long everyone who'll never even
miss me when I die

and now I'm floating through the air
it's much less scary than I thought it would be

"and on the ground all your friends cheer"

my parachute is singing straight to me

"watch out where you land
the wrong spot could just kill a man
it's like falling in love"

thats what the parachute told me

thats what the parachute said

he said "it's so easy to fall in love
and it's so easy to sing just how easy it is
it's so easy to fall in love
it's so easy to fall in love"