Fishboy - Archibald Aspen lyrics

Archibald Aspen the worlds greatest cop
didn't quiet set out to be
promoted within from his job taking fingerprints
when they caught wind of his photographic memory

known across the earth
but fame to him is worthless
worth less than the shoes on his feet
he'd rather live quaint
sculpt and paint
but he needs the paycheck just to feed his family

then one night on his route
saw two men sneaking out
of an abandoned factory door
they saw each others faces
and knew if they escaped
they'd be tracked down tomorrow for sure
so with a blow to the head
Archibald fell to the floor

Archibald Aspen has one only son
born on new years day
Millennium Aspen is now ten years old
his little league team calls him Aspen2k
his mother comes home and she calls for Millennium
tells him she has some bad news
is dads disappeared and everyone fears
that he's lying somewhere beaten battered and bruised

all at once Millennium jumps and swears that its time to attack
he says "mark my words I will search and I'll search
till I bring my father back"
Mrs. Aspen she smiles
pats her son on the back