Fishboy - Alberto Simmons lyrics

Alberto Simmons' getting bloody noses
he knows the time is coming when the bleeding stops
until that day it comes around
he will continue stressing out
he hates his job but oh he loves his brother
they've got a plot to take the world on with their style
using a rocket and wormhole
go back a dozen years or more

but down in the basement things are starting now to get a little cramped
machines in their masses force the Simons' to relocate their camp

Alberto Simmons has a boss who bullies
his name is Victor Allen Moss and at this time
hes in the breakroom looking round
but oh Alberto can't be found
as Moss Incorporated ends it's work day
the inventory is seeming just a little light
old Alberto never tells
of stolen whistles stolen bells

Alberto Simmons' getting bloody noses
Alberto Simmons' getting bloody noses