Firefall - Love That Got Away lyrics

I can't believe it
I never thought I'd see you smile again
Now that I see it
I get that same old feelin' back again

I don't know how long you'll stay
It doesn't matter anyway
I say welcome home
To the love that got away

I got your number
This time I know exactly what to do
Sometimes I wonder (I wonder)
What made life worth livin' without you (I wonder)


Got away....

All of those so called love affairs I had before
They only made me think about you more and more
Well I guess they never knew
I was wishing they were you
Woh, they were you...

I've got a fever
Nothin' I've done has done a thing for me
I'm a believer (believer)
I believe that love is liberty (believer)


Got away... (repeats until fade)