Fire On McGinnis - Spider Of Aberdeen lyrics

Spider works by firelight, damaged web repaired
Cut by my own steely knife, random cuts and tears
A perfect web he will complete, he will lie in wait
For his victim to cross the line, find out oh so late, oh yeah

Aberdeen, on eastern coastline, by rivers Don and Dee
Witness battles lost and won, through the centuries
Not your scholars, or quarried stone, not your fishing fleet
Not three castles on ridges high
Can a secret keep

At Aberdeen, I am the spider, high up on the hill
Oh you Comyns, you won't escape me, my brothers you have killed
Garrison will meet their fate when we speak Bon Accord
So at war for independence, what can we afford, oh yeah

Said the spider, now do not cross me, don't cut my web away
If you do, I'll make it stronger, rebuild it everyday, oh yeah