Fiona Apple - Red, Red, Red lyrics (Chinese translation). | I don't understand about complementary colors
, And what they say
, Side by side they both get...
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Fiona Apple - Red, Red, Red (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: I don't understand about complementary colors
ZH: 我搞不懂互补色

EN: And what they say
ZH: 和他们说什么

EN: Side by side they both get bright
ZH: 并排他们都获得明亮

EN: Together they both get gray
ZH: 他们两个在一起得到灰色

EN: But he's been pretty much yellow
ZH: 但他一直很多黄色

EN: And I've been kinda blue
ZH: 我已经有点蓝

EN: But all I can see is
ZH: 但我可以看到的全是

EN: Red, red, red, red, red now
ZH: 红、 红、 红、 红、 红现在

EN: What am I gonna do
ZH: 我该怎么办

EN: I don't understand about
ZH: 我搞不懂

EN: Diamonds and why men buy them
ZH: 钻石和为什么男子买

EN: What's so impressive about a diamond
ZH: 什么是那么令人印象深刻的一颗钻石

EN: Except the mining
ZH: 除了采矿

EN: And it's dangerous work
ZH: 它是危险的工作

EN: Trying to get to you too
ZH: 想要对你太

EN: And I think if I didn't have to
ZH: 我想如果我没有到

EN: Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill myself doing it
ZH: 杀、 杀、 杀、 杀、 杀,杀了我自己做

EN: Maybe I wouldn't think so much of you
ZH: 也许我不会想那么多的你

EN: I've been watching all the time
ZH: 我已经看过所有的时间

EN: And I still can't find the tack
ZH: 仍然找不到丁字

EN: And I wanna know is it okay
ZH: 我想要知道它是好的

EN: Is it just fine
ZH: 它是很好吗

EN: Or is it my fault
ZH: 或者是我的错

EN: Is it my lack
ZH: 它是我缺乏吗

EN: I don't understand about
ZH: 我搞不懂

EN: The weather outside
ZH: 外面的天气

EN: Or the harmony in a tune
ZH: 或一首曲子中的和谐

EN: Or why somebody lied
ZH: 或为什么有人说谎

EN: There's solace a bit for submitting
ZH: 有一点用于提交的慰藉

EN: To the fitfully cryptically true
ZH: 为梦乡刘维 true

EN: What's happened has happened
ZH: 发生了什么事发生了什么

EN: What's coming is already on its way
ZH: 什么来的路上已经是

EN: With a role for me to play
ZH: 我发挥的作用

EN: I don't understand
ZH: 我不明白

EN: I'll never understand
ZH: 我搞不懂

EN: But I'll try to understand
ZH: 但我会试着了解

EN: There's nothing else I can do
ZH: 没有什么我能做