Fine Young Cannibals - Don't Ask Me To Choose lyrics

You're going away you stay from hell
Don't be stupid, no I'm not upset
Have you got all you need?
Enough to eat? And a book to read?
I hope you have a wonderful time
Here's a stamp just drop me a line
If you meet somebody that you like
Remember who you left behind

Dont ask me to choose hon-ey
There's such alot we've got to do
Don't ask me to choose hon-ey
Cause either way we stand to lose

It's a risk weve got to take
Though it could prove a grave mistake
Honesty when love may break
The very least it will just change its shape
And by the end maybe it's too late
And by the end maybe I will hate you
For leaving me on the ground

Repeat till end
Leaving me on the ground