Fighting Gravity - Waterfall lyrics

Three days on the road to anywhere
Did I hear you call
And in the average hello
You lost your way
Did I hear you fall
Cut down from behind at best
A simple word that lingered in the air
Somewhere you wandered off into the night
And broke all your promises there

I'm a flood, I'm a waterfall
Never to disappear in the sea

Bless my head I think I said
With a reason to believe that a voice again
And though the words keep falling to the ground
They make no sound until you're gone
And then they scream

Sleep tonight this pain I'll never feel
Sleep tonight in here it's not so real
Sleep tonight this flame will touch much soul
Sleep tonight this flame will never go away

Pardon me if I seem a little distant
You could always read my eyes
I guess it doesn't take the wisdom of the ages
Or a crystal ball to see this disguise