Fighter - Stop, Look, Listen lyrics

When you're on the street
You know you sound so tough
You've got a chip on your shoulder
But tonight I'm knockin' it off
You wrote the book hen it comes to gettin' burned
I see the tears in your eyes
But can you show me any lessons you've learned
It's all because you...

Don't stop, don't look, don't listen
Will you wait and see and hear what I have found?

Don't you know what you are missin'?
You know what goes around still comes around
Makin' messes, thinking you'll never pay
You use your friends for the moment
And their hearts for a punchin' bag
Seven days a week on a hell bound train
'Cause when the devil's got your number
You're a prisoner of his ball and chain
All because ya...

(Repeat Chorus)