Figgy Duff - Matt Eiley lyrics

There was a lord lived in this town
He raised one handsome comely daughter
She fell in love with a young man
Who was a servant to her father

Many's the lord came to this town
Rich lords and squires to court Miss Nancy
But none of them could please her mind
Nor none of them could suit her fancy

But when her father came this to hear
He swore he'd have him leave the island
But the lady swore her heart would break
If he banished from her young Matt Eiley

Straight to his own bedside she went
Awake, awake, and are you sleeping?
Arise my dear, and go your way
This very night you will be taken

How can I go, my dear? he said
Just like some poor forlorn stranger
To leave my service in disgrace
Likewise to go without my wages

Here's fifty guineas all in bright gold
And that is more than my father owes you
Take this, my dear, and go your way
I wish that I was gone before you

I did not know, my dear, he said
I did not know how dear you loved him
I will give you leave to fetch him back
Since there is no lord you would style above him

She wrote a letter all in post haste
Her heart and hand were both declining
She brought him back the very next day
And made a lord out of young Matt Eiley