Fear Of Domination - So Far So Good (All For Nothing) lyrics

We need more
In our lifes!
Happiness is just overrated
Make money
Sell your kind!
Fighting against the unknown enemy
Wonderful nation... Humiliation...
Satisfaction... Elimination...

One thing i know and that's for sure
You have a price just like a whore
We build a man and turn it to product
And soon we are selling it for profit
One little piggy went to the market
But no money was in her pocket
She sold her body
Sold her meat
Nothing here is for free...

Are machines!
Manufactured for the pleasures of others
Lost against coinpurse
Justice wins?
Our mind shows what we want to see
Welcome to the...
How much is your selling price
How much until we sell our pride
What is price for human life?
What did we pay for this?

So far so good
Everyday for something new
Where are the rules that can’t be spoken
No one told them
Everything for
Money, money!
Some head for?
Money, money!
Humanity for
Money, money!
I love to have...
This endless list goes on and on
Feeding only the filth and scum
This endless list goes on and on
Detonates like atomic bomb...

So far... So good... So far... So good...
All for nothing!
Everybody scream
All for the king
All for the money
Check please...