Fc Five - Memories lyrics

I'm waiting for the sun inside the sleeping bag.
Until the dead of night. Its frozen cold outside.
Distract disturbance. My finger's almost dead.
Disturb distraction. I'm just falling down.

Eat me, eat me, eat me and scatter me.
Just let them have it their way. They're just pigs.
Scare me, scare me, scare me and beat me up.
Who needs confessions and now who am I?

I wish the night wouldn't end inside the sleeping bag.
The cold air is waiting for me. The sun is laughing.
Distort dispute. No purpose in this land.
Dispose distortion. I'm in a boring town.

Disturb distraction. They're disappointed.
Distract disturbance through and through
Dispose distortion They're disappointed.
Distort dispute. Now who am I?