Faust Again - The Unveiling Of Killjoy lyrics

Let's delve into the subconscious intestro-abortion
Slowly bite and chew every miserable portion
You exist or you rather persist!
To screw your grin on every morning and enjoy it

I can't take part in what I can't bare
Naked in the crowd of Antonioni's fair
And it's getting late and it's getting late
I just want to sleep.. want to sleep

Incestual virtues distributed as truth
Regurgitate everything that's been taught to you
Just like motherbird did for you child
So that you could survive and strive in the wild

But that wasn't mother it was just an actress
Who was stuck within her own social theatrics
Just as you are! yes just as you are
But as for me I am free

Last Monday my face broke
Their eyes had told me so
They said that they know
With a horror that made me choke