Faun Fables - Eyes Of A Bird lyrics

Hey you, wanna walk besides me?
Didn't I meet you on one of these interstates?
You're like me. You know the occult
It's what I learned from my mom, and other adults.

Let's make a star here on the pavement.
It's warm by sun, almost like
having fun
Running together

Hey you, wanna be my love?
Well it's something to do, suckling the street we toured
You're like me; brazen and wild
The eyes of a bird are a smiling child

Let's hold our hands; higher in numbers I understand
And two is not one; two is two it's almost like
having fun
Running together

You say you wanna know me
Well, it's dark in the past and
my future's a mystery
I feel like I am beginning
but I'm too old for more, pushed out my backdoor

Running together

Somehow uncertain