Fat Tulips - Mr. So Incredible lyrics

What did you see in someone like me?
Did you want a friend or to attend
A crash course in anatomy?
In your boxroom bedroom
I let you twist my arm
A bit of old tomfoolery
Did no-one any harm
Now I can think of seven reasons
To be spiteful and unfair
But it's a sinful waste of energy
When I know you don't care
You don't care

You don't stop, you won't stop
Being 'Mr. So Incredible'
What you've done's not hard to swallow
It's downright inedible
You took my vulnerability
My dignity and pride
You weighed them up
Then cast them all aside
From you I never took a thing that mattered
And that is true
I never stole one precious smile from you
I never stole a precious smile from you.