Fat Kid Fishing - Letting Go lyrics

She looked into my eyes and she told me that it hurt
She said she was uncertain as to wether it would work and
With a heavy heart i asked her why she had to go and
In reply she gave a sigh then answered I dont know
She said she was unhappy and things have gotten tough
Often she would sit and wonder if love was enough
All i could do was sit there eyes willing with tears
And reluctanly acceppt one of my greatest fears

She's gone, it's over, there's not much i can do but
Sit here and wonder about the shit i've been through
I guess i'll never know the reasons for making me let go of her

I guess that now its over I should move on and grow
But when you miss someone this much it's hard just letting go
Though nothing in the world could ever change the way i feel
Iknow that with each passing day my heart will mend and heal
I realize that it takes time to fight the loss of sorrow
But in my mind i know I'll find life with each tommorow
And at first I thought this was surely an end
But now i know deep in my soul I will love again