Fat Joe - Power (Freestyle) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Fat Joe]
, Power from the street lights made the place dark
, But yo they didn't care, they turned...
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Fat Joe - Power (Freestyle) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Fat Joe]
ZH: [胖子乔]

EN: Power from the street lights made the place dark
ZH: 从,使地方黑暗的路灯电源

EN: But yo they didn't care, they turned it out..
ZH: 但哟他们不在乎,他们转出它...

EN: Uhh, you know what this is, +South Bronx+!!
ZH: 呃,你知道这是什么 + 南布朗克斯区 +!!

EN: Fat Joey Crack representin the realest
ZH: Representin 最真实的脂肪乔伊裂缝

EN: I got my man Big Dog Punisher in the house
ZH: 我在房子里有我的男人大狗惩罚者

EN: Yo Punisher, let these niggaz know
ZH: 哟惩罚者,让这些黑鬼们知道

EN: [Big Punisher]
ZH: [大惩罚者]

EN: Brothers are rappin like Iraqi soldiers
ZH: 兄弟是前骂你像伊拉克士兵

EN: Actin like they crackin boulders
ZH: 肌动蛋白像他们裂纹巨石

EN: when they pack a cap that won't attack a blowfish
ZH: 当他们收拾不会攻击河豚章

EN: Always talkin shit, players that rather balk than pitch
ZH: 总是为难,而是比沥青田埂的球员

EN: and often counterfeit, Kings of New York
ZH: 和往往假冒、 纽约王

EN: on Mr. Walken's dick
ZH: 关于先生肯迪克

EN: You make me sick to my stomach, you don't really want it
ZH: 你让我恶心到我的胃,你不想真的

EN: Riffin like you sniffin coke
ZH: 像你硷焦炭 riffin

EN: but scared because you barely gun it
ZH: 但害怕,因为你几乎枪它

EN: You really done it now you got me mad
ZH: 你真的做到现在你让我疯狂

EN: Borenos be like, Papi's bad,
ZH: Borenos 是像爸爸的坏,

EN: makin fakers cocky when I'm drivin back
ZH: 创出骗子嚣张时我要让快回来

EN: [Fat Joe]
ZH: [胖子乔]

EN: Many thought it couldn't happen, Joe is never rappin
ZH: 很多人认为它不可能发生,乔从不寂寞晚上睡

EN: He was always get loot off the crack and
ZH: 他总是得到战利品关闭裂缝和

EN: fuckin with them heavyweights, who had shit sewn in every state
ZH: 汗与这些重量级人物,在每个州有过什么,车缝

EN: The very site'll make the average man defecate
ZH: 非常网站会让一般人大便

EN: Livin the life of stock bonds and cars, word bond
ZH: 生存生活的股票债券和汽车,word 债券

EN: I be gone I'll be worshipped like Nicky Barnes
ZH: 我能走我就崇拜像尼基 · 巴恩斯

EN: It's on -- you don't want no confrontation
ZH: 它是--你不想没有交锋

EN: Kill the communication, or suffer from multiple lacerations
ZH: 杀了通信,或患有多处裂痕

EN: [Big Punisher]
ZH: [大惩罚者]

EN: I keep a Desert Eagle cocked back in my tuxedo
ZH: 我继续回在我的晚礼服翘起的沙漠之鹰

EN: with my top hat, what you funny motherfuckers know about that?
ZH: 我顶的帽子,什么你们搞笑这些混蛋知道的?

EN: Lookin Doug E. Fresh in my double breast
ZH: 在我的双乳房别让我再见道格 E.新鲜

EN: like a pimp, eatin shrimp, gumbo bubble bathin
ZH: 像个皮条客,吃虾、 秋葵泡沫 bathin

EN: in the jumbo jet, set, on auto-pilot
ZH: 在这款巨无霸客机,设置,自动驾驶

EN: Gonna fly it to Puerto Vallarte
ZH: 要它飞往灘

EN: try to reach whoever is choppin the highest
ZH: 请尝试到达谁是最高的 choppin

EN: [Fat Joe]
ZH: [胖子乔]

EN: Business chatter's over shrimp and lobster platters
ZH: 在虾和龙虾拼盘业务颤振

EN: at Jimmy's Cafe, a glass of Peirier
ZH: 在吉米的咖啡馆,一杯佩里耶

EN: Chick go for celly book a room at the Holiday
ZH: 小鸡去放倒的书一个房间在假期

EN: Inn, so I can get her and a friend
ZH: 客栈,所以我可以让她和一位朋友

EN: Menage a trois livin the life of a star
ZH: 家务 a 三河生存恒星的生命

EN: Overweight overpaid, pockets bustin out the seams
ZH: 超重的薪酬过高、 口袋出接缝处的胸前

EN: While you niggaz havin limousine dreams
ZH: 当你们这些黑鬼开豪华轿车梦

EN: I got you all sized up, niggaz wise up
ZH: 我给你买了,都中小型的黑鬼聪明起来

EN: A Fat Beat truck'll be pickin all you guys up
ZH: 胖揍的卡车就是 pickin 你们所有

EN: [Big Punisher]
ZH: [大惩罚者]

EN: For you hilarious comedians, I'm at the Marriott, ??
ZH: 搞笑的喜剧演员,我是在万豪酒店概览

EN: To rentin chariots to carry us to various
ZH: 到租驾马车把我们带到各种

EN: evening events, eating the best up in Jimmy's Cafe
ZH: 晚上的事件,在吉米的咖啡厅吃最好

EN: Explore the wine that be four ? G's
ZH: 探索四的酒吗?G 的

EN: fuck it, just gimme half
ZH: 妈的只是给我一半

EN: I make it last, with the dough I got, if not
ZH: 我让它最后,带上钱,如果我不

EN: I blow your spot, if not, Joey Crack please load the glock
ZH: 我吹你的位置,如果没有,乔伊裂缝请加载 glock

EN: Let these niggaz learn the hard way
ZH: 让这些黑鬼们痛苦的方式学习

EN: The word to God way, the motherfuckin murder mob
ZH: 对神的方式,才是他妈的谋杀暴徒词

EN: [Fat Joe]
ZH: [胖子乔]

EN: Fuck that fuck that fuck that!
ZH: 操他妈的,那他妈的 !

EN: Funkmaster Flex keepin it realer
ZH: Funkmaster Flex 允许它区会更真实

EN: Hot 97, Joey Crack, Big Dog Punisher
ZH: 热 97,乔伊裂纹,大狗惩罚者

EN: Bulletclips, WHAT!
ZH: Bulletclips,什么 !