Fat Joe - Madison Squares (2013)

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Fat Joe - Madison Squares lyrics

Get on
Why we’re selling this a vibe, you know?
Get money shit, uh

Another day I waking, think all that I made in
8 white .., it’s like the Turkey baking,
Got the best to push up, pull them panties to the side
Boy she learn to hook up, couple itches on the side
Then we jump in the shower, Medusa faces on towers
I’ve been balling like D ways and jacket with flowers
I ain’t styled the bosses, ballers the streets then need dawn
I arrive from Boston max, moving pax and ..
Call it Madison Squares, moving yeah in the hood,
Now we at Madison Squares, fresh Jaze on the wood, you know.
We call it Madison Squares,
Man you ought to see us, rings us ‘cause we ..
Chopped a hundred racks on Danni Garcia
.. lingos is touring, man he’s got no important
And the ones that afford it, be the ones that just snore it
I’m missing J .. we eat spaghetti with lobsta
Conversating by life, yeah he was dragging with lobsta
In the villering’s pack, p**sy poppin’ the sandex,
but that ass is a killer, I’m talking narrow and endless
I’m thinking ‘bout Boston George when I look at my daughter
When we’re throwin’ T parties, I’m deep and .. in the water
We call it Madison Squares, movin’ yeah in the hood,
Now I’m in Madison Squares, Jaze on the wood, you know.
We call it Madison Squares.
Those who afford it be the one that you ..
Madison Squares, uhh.

Shout out my nigga!
Cool this one nigga
Madison Squares!