Fast Times - Where Were You lyrics

It was summer 1988 club music ruled that shit's for fools
I was tired of hearing bass beats out of every car that drove by
So I was flipping the dial on the radio when those power chords
Grabbed my heart
The song was 'No Reason Why', the show was Radio Riot and I
Fuckin' fell in love with what I heard

Where were you when you fell in love with hardcore?

Was it at a show? On pirate radio? In your big brother's room?
When you got your Docs, suited up punk rock
Beat up by jocks one afternoon?
When did you first dive off the stage?
Were you serenaded by Ian McKaye?
When that stranger in the pit picked you up off the floor
Was it getting your hand stamped at City Garden's door?
Paid admission had lots of fun

Woah where were you when you first found the underground
Woah where were you when your ears first kissed that punk rock sound
Woah where were you when you said mainstream kiss my ass
Woah where were you when you threw Mtv to the trash