Fashawn - Pass The Cohiba (2010)

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Fashawn - Pass The Cohiba lyrics

Woke up, pissed of ..and just thinking
What the f*ck I’m gonna do with these eight blinkies
Exactly, this big bang.. still the average should stay,
Feel like a shark in a fish tank, swimming up piranhas
.. Gange, twisted up in my conscious
Distant from the .., …I’m constantly ..the kid is a monster
I kill any concept and …
The flow H2O, like water, born ’88, but ’99 when I started for young disciple
I start reading the Bible, and I started …by the guys I hate with
..dangerous.. exaggerated by the shit, my friend, my men
Spend the time right …from the …, one time try to get you in
… do the show ….
In Germany have place I’ve never been
Where should I begin, our career is .. nigger
This sound beautiful, but …
Check it out.

I think I got this … from the …
…acting on me …
…little niggers with big principles…
When I started making …like my home is a shit ..
….trying how to get the value about the money, power and ..
They say I’m shy and I know, they’re blinded and I’m focused

.. on my final album, posted , renegate .. the stage
…I said it’s triple blaze, they ask what I think of fame
I say skip it .. the shit it’s the same
…what the rap is doing for name ..I think the …in my brain
Is no one or two, it’s the same shit that I formulate ..was no ..
Even colour coordinate the ..I hate,
Really doubt on my mind …offer ..she call me came
..it could put me in the slam a, rather big than Atlanta
… with ..in my pijamas…saying all madness
That works ..over drafting …’cause the club packed out ..nigger I’m absorbed, remind you what you call narrow
..should have call it ..push that was …no hope got me wrote my letters
…I’ll be smoking ..case closed …about to happen ….
…so my mother f*cker .. get the message ..
Somebody phone the paramedics, I’m in the zone, feel it home
Even when I’m on the other side of the globe, writing alone…