Farout - Dazed Selfish And Violent lyrics

Did you decide to join on your own,
Didn't you want to have the power to kill?

Why haven't you thought of suicide?
I haven't thought of killing myself
Yourself, your small self -

You never ever thought to find your own
Way to make it proud of you
Dazed selfish and violent,
Is sleeping, creeping out of us

Found your god, made you blind,
To make your job, to make you kill,
Made him proud
But what they'll never know about,
Your god ...

I found my way

I'm your god
Took your conscience and your brain,
Did wreak your heart,
Crushed your soul
But what they'll never know about,
Your god

Killing human, dead machine, what for?
Your head, warhead...
You're to small to make it,
All you've done to fake them
Waiting for them, watching
And standing so close

Would you ever? did you ever?
Never get enough!