Far From Home - The 21st Floor lyrics

And I said that you could be alone, but I'm not really sure.
As I turned away the smile on your face fell away.
It felt so bad, cause I knew that you couldn't be alone.
You're standing on the edge, your too weak to breath, and I'm too weak to help.
But I'm taking it on, I'm taking it on.

So go, so go.
You never could handle these things that you said you needed to be.
I felt the same. Here you feel so alone, I know.
I never did handle these things that you said you want me to be.
You felt the same. You don't want to feel anymore.

And you said that this could be the end, but I'm not really sure.
Cause I never envisioned these things you've become.
And I never thought that things here could be so bad.
These tears are so small, but they hit the floor hard.
It doesn't make any sense. I don't understand, I don't understand,
What I'm doing here, but I'm shaking it off.

You stepped out.
Arms wide.
You flew.
Down to the floor, and I feel so...