FannyPack - The Theme From Fanny Pack lyrics

And you never heard it like this before
You're gauranteed to come back for more

Here we go yo
Live and direct
The prettiest girls
Who cash the most checks
Straight to the bank in cars
Never walking
Looking mad cute
And cell phone talking
They all jock my crew
The buy us dinner and jewelry
And shoes
When it comes to attention
We're the center
They come to my crib
And they try to enter

I kick rhymes
Just for fun
Brooklyn, New York
Is where I'm from
The place I dwell
New York City
Where girls like us
Become so pretty
What a pity
Your comittee
Can't hold a candle to my city
We're so pretty
Ass and titties
The home of Biggie
And P. Diddy

And you never heard it like this before
Throw your hands in the air
And wave em like you just dont care
Getting down with these sureshot sounds
Somebody say Oh Yeah

Braggin and boastin
Carrying toast and
Riding my bike
Flatbush, just coastin
Money and clothes
The latest fashion
The center of the world
With all the action

Champagne bubblin
Causin mad trouble and
You better feel this song real quick