Family Guy - You And I Are lyrics

Stewie/Brian :
You and I are so awfully different
Too awfully different
To ever be pals

Stewie- Do you want to go first?
Brian- Yeah I'll go.
Brian- Your favorite hero is the Marquis de Sade.
Stewie- Oh you're one to talk. You get a stiffy from Phylicia Rashad.
Brian- Oh, one time.

Stewie- I've a style flair, just look at my hip hair
Brian- Oh, yeah, th-that's quite a nice do there.
Stewie- Oh, thanks.
Brian- For me to poop on.
Stewie- What?
Brian- Oh, come on, you look like Charlie Brown.
Stewie- Bite me, Snoopy.

Stewie/Brian :
There's not a whole lot that we've got to agree on.

Brian- Cause I like the strings of a classical score
Stewie- And I like that singer who looks like a whore
Brian- Ricky Martin?
Stewie- Love him.

Stewie/Brian :
We're too different to ever be pals.

Stewie/Brian :
You and I are
(doo doo doop)
So awfully different
(doo doo doop)
Too awfully different
(doo doo doop)
To ever be pals
(doo doo doo doo doo doo dooyadoo doop)

Brian- Your head's as massive as a meteorite
Stewie- Oh, very funny. You have a weenie like a Christmas tree light.
Brian- I'd bet money you'll marry a honey who's pretty and funny and her name will be Ted.
Stewie- Oh, a gay joke.
Brian- I just work with what you give me.
Both- You might think we're in sync, but we stink as a duo.
Brian- Cause you get a kick out of carnage and guts
Stewie- And you get a kick out of stroking your -
Brian- Whoa, whoa, you can't say that on T.V.
Stewie- What, ego?
Brian- Never mind.

Stewie/Brian :
We're too different to ever be pals!