Family Guy - Music & Lyrics By Stewie Griffin lyrics

Oh my god, she's so hot.
Look at that, she can fit that whole bottle in her mouth.
Alright, come on, Stewie, you can write a song.
How hard can it be?

You got your G chord right here
It's like your cozy house where you live
That's where you start your journey
Here I am in my house, nice and cozy
And then you poke your head out the door with a C chord
Yeah, everything looks okay out here
Maybe I'll take a walk outside
To the D chord, oh, walking 'round outside
Look at all the stuff out here
And then we go to an A-minor
Gettin' little cloudy out here
Looking like we might have some weather
Then we go to E-minor
Oh, definitely got some weather
Things are little more complicated than they seemed at first
And then we go back to my house.

Brian: You sound like an unbelievable douche.

Then Brian comes in and I change up the tempo
Brian comes in and he changes the song
Lookin' at me like he thinks I'm a douchebag
But he's gonna learn pretty fast that he's wrong
Hey Brian, why are you bringing me down man?
Why are you bringing me down?

Music and lyrics by Stewie Griffin.