Family Guy - Cherrywood Estate Song lyrics

HK:we only live to kiss your ass
B:kiss it why well even wipe it for you.
HK: forem here on in its easy street
P: any bars on that street?
B: twenty four happy hours a day
P:oh boy
HK: well stop jehovas at the gate
B: can i see that pamphlet sir?
P:my god this house if freakin sweet

Chef 1: i make brunch, clyde cooks lunch
Chef 1&2: each and every day
Chef 3: chocalate cak A la blake
P:betcha a hundred bucks blake is gay

HK: well do the best we can with meg
M: are you saying im ugly?
M: it doesnt matter dear your rich now

HK:well do your nails and rub your feet
L: i dont think thats necces- oooo my

HK: well do your Homework every night
C: its really hard
B: thats why weve got that steven hawkings guy
P: my god this house is freakin sweet

P: used to pass lots of gas, lois ran away, now we,ve got 30 rooms,
hello beans good by spraaaaaaaaaay.

HK wed take a bullet just for you
S: what a coinicidence, ive got one
L: stewie

HK: prepare to suck that golden teat
now that your stinking rich well gladly be your bitch

P: my god this house is
HK&P: freakin sweet
HK: welcome

M:thats a wrap people, now lets get the hell outta here
P: hey wait a second where are you goin?
M: the old bag only paid us for the song
L: well we can just pick up after ourselves, after all well only be here
on weekends
P: uh lois its time you started livin like the pieceashmit(piece of shmit)
you are
L: thats pewtershmit
P: Wait You guys, You guys Your all hired to be full time
Griffin servants
L: peter where are we goin to get the money to pay all these people
P: cuzz...I....uh...sold our house in quahog
L: you sold our home?
P: surprise
L: peter how could you
P: i recognize that tone, tonight i sleep alone but still this
everybody: house is freeeeeaaaakin sweet