Falconer - No Tears For Strangers lyrics

Millions of fears are howling loud
The tarn of tears is running out
You reside to far away
East and west and down below
It's easier to let it go
Not always bothered by the truth

Darkened sky on middle day
Destruction there, so they can't stay
"Sorry boys", but you're alone
The troops of doom has left the ground
Take the shit, fire another round
Eat the dirt, the crap is yours

Over foggy waters, I reach the shore
I can't sympathize, can't sense anymore

I'll shed no tears for strangers
Save my crying until another day
Maybe sorrows are coming my way

The mill is grinding trough the gloom
Ghastly eyes gaze at the moon
In palest glow the dreams descend
So in the end I'm not so bad
Don't have the time, I don't feel sad
That's the way so let me be

The distance between you and me:
The scale of my emotionality
My heart ain't weak enough
To bleed for all the tragedy
If I was to feel for one and all
I would probably crumble and fall
My heart ain't rich enough
To suffer your reality