Fake The Envy - Once Upon A Time lyrics

Who's in my mind, wander in time, another ancient picture of life
Could this be the latest place I hide, daring the nights
Face in the dirt, savour the hurt, session and session wasting the words
I fall on the couch and tell them why, memories remain and haunt me through the night

Who's in my car, yesterdays scar, will stay within and never seem far
This could be the way to sever the ties, open my eyes
Bleeding stones fly, dizzy I try, staying awake and savour the high
Be it my own choice to say goodbye, knowing my way, and head into the night

Once upon a time, beneath the surface nursing the crime
I remember still the night we said goodbye
Didn't see the affection, nor the action
Neither one believed the attraction
Our connection, won't remain, we sever the ties

Voice in my head, leaves me for dead, I slowly fall to pieces instead
Suddenly the sun is creeping in, chasing the night
Those who don't see, sleeping they'll be, never awake the ghost within me
I fall on the floor and tell them why, candles will fade
And vanish through the night

Once upon a time...