Fair Exchange - Why Can't You Believe? lyrics

So many things in this world you believe
Unseen by the human eye
Like a magician's illusion (you say)
I'll believe when I see a sign
But for now until the time
Blind faith is such foolishness
But I say why

Why can't you believe?
Open up your eyes
Why can't you believe?
Soon you'll realize

Preachers and leaders may
Stumble and fall
Losing vision of their call
Put your faith in God not man (you say)
How can I believe in a world gone mad?
Colours of war and pain so sad
He is the answer in black and white
and I say why

Take a chance, He'll not let you fall
Nothing's given 'til you've given all
Give your heart and life away
And faith will come to you
Why can't you believe?