Fadge - No More lyrics

Don't laugh if i tell you that i got a few problems,
I enjoy being down sitting lonely in the crowd,
I can deal with all the girls saying that i'm too good a friend,
But i fucking hate it when they say no more this is the end

No more of being just part of the crew,
No more of always being not enough for you
I don't want to conform,
I just wanna jack off to porn,
No more of being torn

Starting to feel like my white clothes are pissing me off,
Sick being what your parents will always expect,
My balls are itching and a girl just turned her back,
Thing is i've got to walk away because my penis needs a jack

Shit on me when i need help,
Don't be fake or compromise,
If your late you'll probably lie,
Hurry up if we don't leave,
I'm going to go fuck Marline,
And if dad knocks when were in the sack,
I'll just tell dad that your affair is back.