Fadge - Mary lyrics

There's a girl who breaks my heart,
Wish she'd talk to me,
Crazy but i want her so bad,
She don't even know me,
Perhaps thats whats worse,
Or maybe it's this damn witches curse?

Mary she's that girl that you've wanted to meet,
With long blonde hair and a figure to beat,
She's so cool making friends down your street,
Mary she's that girl that you've wanted to....

She's with everyone that will treat her bad,
Wish she'd take a chance,
Maybe on a dumb guy like me,
I can be real nice,
I could be her everything,
Instead i'm a loser and not Marys' king

Mary, her name,
I'll move on,
My passion from hell,
I'm losing my grip on whats real,
But Mary,
Is still that girl i wanna bone.