Factory Of Dreams - Back To Sleep (2011)

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Factory Of Dreams - Back To Sleep lyrics

A crowded world
Hopeless and greedy
Actors playing a role
In this Dark City

A star among a trillion ones
And I see you everyday
In my hopes and dreams
And I wake up in a scream

[Chorus I]
I see you everyday
In my dreams so deep
But I can’t find the way
I just wanna go back to sleep
Back to Sleep

[Chorus II]
Oh how I wish
To hold you in my arms
How I wish
To stay with you
Oblivious to the world outside
Don't let me go
Don't let me fall
Into the Abyss
Keep me inside forever

I’m looking for you
Within the Constellation
I want you, need you
Save me from Desperation

Wanna show you a new World
Visit Galaxies afar
New Dimensions to behold
Jumping from Star to Star

I dreamt of your eyes
My fatal addiction
But I don't know who you are
And I can’t seem to reach you

Don’t ever wake me my dear
I have chosen my place
Why can't I make it real
Why can’t I make you stay
By my side

[Chorus I & II]