Face Down - Wartime lyrics

WARTIME! aside from your feelings, aside from your ways. aside from the people that taught you to betray. that taught you to betray! presumption through the fist, presumption through the head. Raging in revenge, raging to forget. raging to forget. forget! If you let action reign your freedom, then you're the slave to the same inconsequence. and you're no better than the rest. kicked back by intolerance! intolerance!
A true warrior is a thinker, seeking the key to liberation. not always through direct action, but by the means of education. Every fourth one of his struggles, several paths of war. some violent some peacefull, but all with dedication in the core. behold your enemy. behold you enemy! wartime (3x)! education! contemplation! dedication! salvation! put the guns away, strength is in the mind, differ from the enemy. STRAIGTH EDGE WARTIME!