Fabolous - Wolves In Sheep Clothing (feat. Paul Cain) (The S.O.U.L. Tape Mixtape) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Intro - Fabolous]
, Yeah, yeah, yeh
, Them n-ggas is talking baby
, Don’t listen to that sh-t

Fabolous - Wolves In Sheep Clothing (feat. Paul Cain) (The S.O.U.L. Tape Mixtape) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Intro - Fabolous]
ZH: [介绍-Fabolous]

EN: Yeah, yeah, yeh
ZH: 没错,叶

EN: Them n-ggas is talking baby
ZH: 他们 n-藤黄总酸说话的宝宝

EN: Don’t listen to that sh-t
ZH: 别听那 sh-t

EN: Don’t mind them, they just talking baby
ZH: 别管他们,他们只在说宝宝

EN: They know they can’t f-ck with me baby
ZH: 他们知道他们不能 f-ck 跟我的孩子

EN: (That mean they can’t f-ck with you)
ZH: (这意味着他们不能与你的 f-ck)

EN: You tell them like that bitch told Scarface
ZH: 你告诉他们像那个婊子告诉疤面煞星

EN: (What she say?)
ZH: (她说什么吗?)

EN: “I don’t fuck with the help”
ZH: "不干,帮助"

EN: [Verse - Fabolous]
ZH: [诗歌-Fabolous]

EN: They say they out for dead presidents, never respected
ZH: 他们说出他们对死的总统,从来没有尊重

EN: First of all, Ben Franklin was never elected
ZH: 首先,本杰明 · 富兰克林从来没有当选

EN: That means him and Big Bills have never connected
ZH: 这意味着他和大面额的钞票有从未连接

EN: They just say it cause they think it sounds clever on records
ZH: 他们只是说它因为他们觉得这听起来很聪明的记录

EN: Secondly, God’s first should never be second
ZH: 第二,上帝的第一次永远不应该是第二次

EN: And if you living wrong, money can never correct it
ZH: 如果你错了生活,钱可以从来没有纠正它

EN: I’mma say it once, then it’s whoever direct it
ZH: 我来再说一次,那么它是谁直接它

EN: You never get off on me, I’m never the exit
ZH: 你从来没有对我下车,我也不能退出

EN: All black everything in my black V
ZH: 全黑我黑 V 中的所有内容

EN: It ain’t a game and if it was, it’d be a black Wii
ZH: 这不是一场游戏,如果是,它将是一个黑色的 Wii

EN: I’m on my “A” game, never on that “B” shit
ZH: 我在我的"A"游戏,从来没有靠那个"B"

EN: You on that B-shit, never gonna be shit
ZH: 你在 B-你永远不会有屎

EN: That’s how I “C” shit, cause I am “D” shit
ZH: 那是怎样一"C"妈的我是个"D"狗屎的原因

EN: True story, like that Hollywood “E” shit
ZH: 真实的故事,像那个好莱坞"E"

EN: I say “F” n-ggas cause I’m on some “G” shit
ZH: 我说我是"G"狗屎"F"n-藤黄总酸原因

EN: Yeah, that red-and-green stripe double G shit
ZH: 是的那红绿条纹双 G 狗屎

EN: That was for my homie, just know I’m thinking of you
ZH: 那是我老乡,只是知道我在想你

EN: I told him “stay on top so they can’t get above you”
ZH: 我告诉他"留在上面所以他们不能得到你上面"

EN: He told me “I dig that like a f-ckin shovel”
ZH: 他告诉我"我挖,像 f ckin 铲"

EN: Why it take a n-gga go to jail to say he love you?
ZH: 为什么它花 n gga 转到监狱里说他爱你吗?

EN: We be killing them, boy we be killing them!
ZH: 我们会杀了他们,孩子我们会杀了他们 !

EN: Damn, we used to dream to have a million
ZH: 该死的我们用来梦想,有 100 万

EN: Now the family get money like Will and them
ZH: 现在家庭得到钱像将和他们

EN: Accounts rise like we filling them with helium
ZH: 像我们用氦气填充他们的帐户崛起

EN: My baby girl got ass, it’s no secret that it
ZH: 我的宝贝女儿的屁股,这不是秘密,它

EN: Make you look away and still be peeking at it
ZH: 让你去看,仍然偷看

EN: She said they come with painted faces trying to clown on you
ZH: 她说: 他们想要对你小丑脸谱与来

EN: How they under you but try to talk down on you
ZH: 如何根据你他们但请试着谈你

EN: You see, a rat is gonna be that and go for any cheddar
ZH: 你看到一只老鼠去,去为任何切达干酪

EN: Tell my bitch that I’m no good, as if they any better!
ZH: 告诉我贱人,我不好,因为如果他们任何更好 !

EN: But her loyalty keep her from them other boys
ZH: 但她的忠诚让她从他们其他的男孩

EN: Let em holla, she just gonna exist above the noise
ZH: 让 em 一声不响,她只会存在以上噪音