Fabolous - Pain (The S.O.U.L. Tape Mixtape) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Fabolous]
, I’m old enough to know better, young enough to not give a f-ck
, Rather hold my high...
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Fabolous - Pain (The S.O.U.L. Tape Mixtape) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Fabolous]
ZH: [] Fabolous

EN: I’m old enough to know better, young enough to not give a f-ck
ZH: 我够老了更好地了解,年轻人不给 f ck

EN: Rather hold my high and die then live and duck
ZH: 而是我高举和死然后活和鸭

EN: If you’re cool being taken down and giving up
ZH: 如果你冷静正在采取和放弃

EN: Your lifestyle’s a blow job, the way you’re living sucks!
ZH: 你的生活方式的口交,你生活糟透了的方式!

EN: I done felt pain, waited but no help came
ZH: 我感觉疼痛,但没有帮助来了等了

EN: Went through some crazy shit still kept myself sane
ZH: 经历了仍然保持自己清醒一些疯狂的事

EN: You ever been dying of thirst and smelt rain
ZH: 你过了死的饥渴和冶炼雨

EN: Ever been told “go to hell” and felt flames
ZH: 过被告知"去死",感到火焰

EN: The water’s to your neck and only gets deeper
ZH: 水的到你的脖子和只获取更深

EN: Its all down hill and it only gets steeper
ZH: 它倒山和它的所有仅获取更加陡峭

EN: Gotta get over it, be a hurdle leaper
ZH: 要熬过去,是跨栏史上弹跳

EN: It cost to be the boss, it aint get no cheaper
ZH: 它的成本是老板,它得不到不便宜

EN: But there’s a man above that we all under bro
ZH: 但有一个人以上,我们都在兄弟下

EN: No bread truck but he work wonders though!
ZH: 没有面包卡车,但他虽然创造奇迹!

EN: After you wake up, everything is wonderful
ZH: 你醒来后,一切都是美好

EN: You can overcome anything you undergo
ZH: 你可以克服一切你接受

EN: As an artist I’m just tryna paint the perfect picture
ZH: 作为一位艺术家我只是最潇洒漆完美的照片

EN: But see where tryna wait for somebody thats perfect gets you
ZH: 但看到哪里最潇洒等待的人,这是完美获取你

EN: That usually lead to nothing like virgin kisses
ZH: 这通常导致不像处女的吻

EN: And I be tryna cut, surgeon bitches
ZH: 我是阿隆剪切、 外科医生这些婊子

EN: Dreams of splurging riches, pretty but curvy misses
ZH: 梦想的挥霍财富,漂亮但弯曲未命中

EN: Chef to serve the dishes, driving to swerve the ditches
ZH: 厨师的菜肴,驾驶突然转弯垄沟

EN: I’m just another kid on the purple wishes?
ZH: 我只是另一个孩子的紫色的愿望吗?

EN: And the streets is tough, on the verge of viscious
ZH: 街道是艰辛的警官的边缘

EN: So I sold weed and crack, business
ZH: 所以卖了杂草和裂纹、 业务

EN: That white girl helped a nigga, Fergalicious
ZH: 那个白人女孩帮助黑鬼,Fergalicious

EN: But getting money bring jealousy and verbal disses
ZH: 但弄到钱带来的嫉妒和口头冷宫

EN: So when you killin’ shit watch out for the murder witness
ZH: 所以,当你杀狗屎提防谋杀证人

EN: An old head told me, let nothing disturb your business
ZH: 旧的头告诉我,让任何打扰您的业务

EN: Beef is only good when you in the burger business
ZH: 牛肉只是很好当你在汉堡生意

EN: So I chilled, but loaded up the steal
ZH: 所以我冷,但加载了偷

EN: Like I wish a nigga would, But I know a nigga will
ZH: 就像我希望的黑鬼会,但我知道一个黑鬼将

EN: But for real you loaded up to kill
ZH: 但对于真正您加载杀了

EN: Cause soon as a nigga could the sooner a nigga will
ZH: 作为一个黑鬼导致很快就能越早黑鬼将

EN: And I don’t owe these niggas nothing
ZH: 我不欠这些黑鬼什么

EN: Put that in a nigga will
ZH: 放在一个黑鬼将