FG - Journeymen lyrics

Verse 1:
I'm on a journey, lookin' for my piece of mind,
Tryin' to find some sign of the passing time.
Horizon watch ya, waitin' for the sun to set,
No regrets, all heads up, time to jet.

It's like that, sometimes you gotta move on,
In a tailspin, failing to sing along.
Hedgerows, sideshows, my nose senses danger,
In the perfume, as I pass by the stranger.

Damn! Try not to still stammer,
Pick up my pen, add context to grammar.
Get grounded, like ants, and planes up in hangars,
Feet firm landed, 'bout to take root.

I send it deep down, deep down, underground,
Searching for the sound, to nourish me all around.
So you'll hear me, whenever I run up in your town,
I'm on a journey, and my goal is yet unfound.

Chorus (x2):
I'm on a journey, of the metaphysical kind,
I'm on a journey, living throughout space and time,
I'm on a journey, shadow chasing back to the sun,
I'm on a journey, and it's only just begun.

Verse 2:
I stopped and stared, my mind stayed aware,
On a journey, thinking to be everywhere.
Memories be the key, to my time-traveling,
And I chase the future in every second that I'm living.

Breathing, seizing the day like nothing,
In a fight for supremacy I keep my grip tight.
Right? Right. Right right, keep it left!
'Cos who can really know the right path to step?

I'm on a journey, and every journey has it's wrong turns,
Detours, median strips, and Melbourne's hook turns.
Live and learn, as you find your own way,
Until you can wrestle the knife back, today.

Chorus (x2)

Verse 3:
Here I am, where I'm at is yo toes and caps,
Act nothing, stand in the scene, mad tracks.
The phatter the MC, the deeper the praise be,
And the deeper the praise be, the longer they see, see?

Sometimes, I follow it, sometimes I lead,
Some bees sleepy hollow, and some just creep up on me,
Arm me, down low, eyes down,
Kind of, off point, when I rap like this.

But it's all good, 'cos I can take a dish,
Should it come, not that it would.
But if it does come, it'll have to catch me,
My name's FG, and I'm on a journey.

Chorus (x2)

Yo. I'm on a journey.
FG. J-Red. Journeymen.
Check it out.