Eyes Catch Fire - Remember To Forget lyrics

What do you
Want from me
It burns like a fire inside
Everytime that your ghosts..resurface
An anthem to remind me

That i will
Never fall again, no, don't
Fall in love again
And this anthem it will remind me
No, don't, fall in love

And i won't lie
And tell you that your heart means nothing but i'll take it off my sleeve
And this candle is your heart, burned out and in the dark
But before you left you set my world on fire
And there is something that you should know

That i'm gonna get this right
I'm not leaving without a fight
This time i think you'll reconsider
That i'll remember to forget
All the things that you said

So go ahead and send your lightening

You're making this way harder than it has to be
You see these feelings dried, and emotion will not flow
Until you break the damn that you built for me run water over wounds
But there's still something that you should know

So why so i say why

If i take that look in your eyes
And scream it back at the night
Then every star will fall from the sky up above
And burn black into the depths in the seas of your love

With the lights out
You're mine now
No, don't fall in love
With the lights out you're mine now
No, don't fall in love