Eye Of Judgement - Spoken Outro lyrics

Alright let's get one thing fucking straight - Straight Edge has never been, nor will it ever be a fucking fashion accessory. I don't know where the fuck some people get the fucking nerve to call this a fucking trend. Wake up and smell the coffee you fucking fucks: Straight Edge is NOT cool. And that's good because I never thought it was gonna be cool and I never WANTED it to be cool. When you go out you're always gonna have some dumb fuck saying 'Hey man, why don't you drink beer, are you a fucking pussy or something?' and that's just something you'll have to learn to fucking deal with. You're gonna have to fucking deal with the fucking fact that the majority of the general fucking public consists of ignorant... ignorant fucking fucks. And to think that anyone is ever gonna fucking change that is just fucking ridiculous. I didn't start walking down this path to be accepted, this has got nothing to do with fucking peer pressure or whatever you fucking fucks come up with. Yeah, there's kids that claim the fucking Edge and sell out after a year or even after a few fucking months.. what does that prove you? That those kids never fucking understood what the fuck this is all about. It's not about fucking rules, it's not about fitting the fuck in, it's a set of fucking guidelines to help you keep your head fucking clear so that you're aware of what is you do every single fucking day in this fucked up world. If some kid's been straight for ten years and then drops the Edge... Well it's their fucking life isn't it? I'd rather see somebody drop the Edge after ten years because they realize it's just not for them anymore than see some stupid motherfucking kid claim Edge for three weeks and then sell out... because their fucking... fucking friends tell them to. It's not about telling other people what to do with their fucking lives... Hell I don't fucking care. I'm doing this because I know this is the best fucking way for ME to live MY life. Because trust me... If I wanted to drugs I would. BUT I DON'T WANNA DO DRUGS because that shit fucks you up beyond belief! And yeah, it makes me sad to see people I like or people I fucking care about do that fucking crap. As a matter of fact, IT PISSES ME THE FUCK OFF! Because I don't want to see them do that fucking shit to themselves. People I don't like, or people I don't care about... Go ahead, do that fucking shit... AND I HOPE YOU FUCKING OD ON IT! Because it's your own fucking choice you bunch of retarded fuckwads. It's not MY fucking responsibility to tell YOU what the fuck is wrong with you. If you don't see that yourself then you deserve to get FUCKED!