Extrema - Secrets 'N' Lies lyrics

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong......

1st: i' m not your god because i' m real
Prevail against all things i feel
Electric lights it' s in her eyes
Make me realize

Chorus: you' ll be alive again
You will forget your past
You will forget my truths
Secrets' n ' lies
Belive me i' m not wrong
I thought we were alone
Don' t think about how or why
Stay by my side

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong......

2nd: i live myself to experiment
It brings me back to my oldself
What have i done before i' m gone
Don' t take me home

Chorus special: seeing me now as i' m going down
And watch me run is me against my foes
Bleeding is my new sport now
To watch me bleed is your favourite game
I wanna try to stop my hate but you
Only make me suffer and loose
I' m paying this bill for you
No chance no right to choose
Please don' t put me trough this hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!