Exotic Animal Petting Zoo - You Make Wonderful Pictures lyrics

Ive heard the sacred movements, through notes there was color in phrase
I stole your precious moments, took em all in just one day
Psycho! with my thumbprint on a pad, scan my mind for empty phrases
Go on. Go on use me. I am your refuse. Ill be an empty mold
Go on. Make me beg and plead. I have no physic flow. I remember nothing.
I've trekked through all the forests.
I've tamed the wood and rain. I am no weird or wonder I hate the
silence and the pain
Time moves slow in this room I'm all alone.
All my glitches keep me guessing these pretty pictures are my blessing

When questions are all that's left.
The past is gone but things still need to be said.
Take a day and walk to the edge of it all.
No greater force will. No greater force will take that fall
Selfish dreams. Lay me down I'm losing
I'm hiding but not safe from. With darkened visions i can't see the curtain fall.
I've tried, I'm blocked in but the bitterness so right.
Expectations I deserve nothing more

Go on use me I am your refuse, I'll be an empty mold.
Go on make me beg and plead, I remember nothing.
We'd like to take this time with some regrets from you.
We focus on regrets we'd like to take the time and fumble through the years
the ones that made us cry then we play it again again again
Then share it with friends the sobbing is a song a lasting trend the cravings gone.
In the daily purge I wait always the first to stuff their face I sit and trace both my hands in place
With no sound no color this room seems so dull I'm left here watching all the pictures fall
my limbs grow long and my skin is so plain my ears are plagued by all the same
Yea they mastered the tricks I've mastered the pain. Yea I've done it to myself.
No I cant complain.
Yea I've done it to myself.
Yea I've done it to myself.
I've done it