Exile Academy - Agni, The Unveiling: Part I lyrics

Look to the moon…
It's glowing in twilight
Glaring down the skyline…
Of this abyss
We'll take to the clouds
With black hearts and clenched fists
Devouring biblical, sharpening mist…

We will hide from the snakes…
The chosen ones who steal lightning…
From the devil's mouth
Just listen to the waves quake.
They're shaking like an avalanche
Thru pearly gates.

Take me…
Take me to your empire of fire

Blow out the candles…
It's the last day
Can't control your future
When it's put you in your place
Stripped you of complacent ways
Tearing at your entrails like…
Venomous snakes
They'll dance to the rhythm
Of your paralyzed face.

It's a condition…
Caramel beaming stones…
Falling like rocks, in an intricate state
God-like in stature, a chalice
Gone to waste…
Its life is withering away!

Take me…
Take me to your empire of fire

Where we will get away from desire

Take me away!
Please, take me away!

Breaking apart the icy island…
You'll stand alone.
Looking up at an albatross
You'll live with your malaise
Imprisoned by an arrow, a drop of false biblical…
Pray, pray to the one who encapsulated you
Infiltrated you.
And sedated you.

You'll stand by your side.
A hero left in ruins.
Like a long forgotten tribe.
A hero to yourself…
And abandoned by mankind.