Exhumator - Oblivious To Immortal lyrics

Ended life holy doom ritual
Don't repent-sacra sin burns myself

Suffering suicide mortal spells
Satanized gore of dead blessed in hell

Banished from the world of scorn
Bodies long decayed
Rotting christ can't save you now
Praised into the grave
Tortured soul curses so strong
Blessed inhumane
Lucifer decide my fate
Indenting me insane

Sodomize the ended life blessed with king of hell
Covenant of ripping flesh torn by gleaming knife
Life of sickness soon will end burn the soul for sell
Crypts of darkness-no return from the blackness light

Fall beyond unholy ground vision of your dwell
Sacrifice the cross of lies rebirth for suicide
Suffocation rapture feel I am god of the dead
Torment life for crawling lambs suffering they dies

Oblivious to immortal

Blasphemer dark enthroned stigmatiled
Spit upon holy one crucified