Eww Dude Seriously - Fur lyrics

Fur. I am covered with fur.
From my snoot to my spur.
I'm a furry fella.
Fur. When you stroke it I purr.
When you poke it I cur.
It's maroon and bakulla and yellow.
Fur. Keeps me warm when it's brrr.
Don't you wish that you were...
Fairly bursting with fur, fur, fur!
Yes, fur is beautiful, fur is clever,
Fur-thermore, I'll love you forever, fur.
Unforgettable fur.
My head's in a whirr, my thoughts are a blur
When I think I of my fur-bulous, first rate fur...
Unforgettable fur!

Now you may find fur too frightful but I'd never switch.
I find my fur delightful but boy, does it itch.
You may say fur is horrible, I say "No sir."
To me my fur's adorable, and I'm covered with fur...
(I kinda grow it!) Fur! ....