Everything I Wrote - Point Of View lyrics

I remeber the time we used to date eachother
There was only you I never wanted another
To my attention was something I never heard before
It took me awhile to realize that you were a whore

Called you from midinght till six a.m
You wouldint know cause you were out all night with him

Every night I thank the lord I found you
You are the reason im alive
The air I breathe you are the sun in my sky
And im so glad that you are mine

Cause id be lost without you in my arms
I cant forget about the time
The way we met the stars that shown in your eyes
You make lifes problems go away
I love you so

I think your the one
Why are you such a slut?
You are my everything
You are my worst bad dream
I want to hold your hand
Your someone I cant stand
I want to call you babe
I think you need to shave

Id like to take a swing with my guitar
Or try to run her ass over with my car
For six months I sat and wondered why?
Dumb bitch left me for another guy
Right now!

I wanna kiss you like never before
So take my hand and ill take yours
I cant belive you ever fell for a guy like me
You turn my dreams into reality

But I liked her anyways
I hope that she wanted to stay
She left me for the drummer
She wouldint give it up anyways
She was only good for boners
And i just wanted to get LAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Punk it up!
This girl doesnt love me anymore
I was only in it to score
And I must admit the sex wasnt all that great
Id rather sit home and masturbate
I miss her now

Wish they all could be
Little bloomington
Wish they all could be
Suck me bloomington
Wish they all could be
Little bloomington girls