Everybody Gets Hurt - Nice Place To Visit But You Wouldnt Want To Live lyrics

Lost In an angry daze , Laid out on the floor
I'm at the end of my rope , I'm running out of hope
Oh God I am alone
Hollowed out is how I feel , Drowning myself in Smoke
Because the pain in my head , is choking me dead ,
I just can't fucking cope
A Demon of deppression is consuming me
But the hurt keeps me Alive
Day by day , I'm slipping away , I just wanna make it stop
A bitter taste is plaguing me and I'm running into walls
Now I'm knocking them down , or I ain't staying around
But this Anger , Anger , Anger , Anger Keeps me warm

So you think you can judge me , On the level of my Depravity
You can't judge me , you don't even fucking know me
Not only will I overcome , I will destroy

Burned on levels I could never explain
When I'm not around your killing my name
You made your decision , So say it to my face
What's your deal , With these games
Talking that bullshit behind the scenes
Trying to crush me with you devil schemes
You've made your decision , now have it your own way
I don't care , You fear the pain
We feed on pain

Crucified by a wanna be , It's like a boot party raining down on me ...
I put myself where all can see , and I ain't taking shit from nobody
You bring your best and maybe a friend , I don't give a shit cause I'm nice with my hands
So stop your bitching cause I won't bend
Take me out , If you Fucking can