Ever Since July - The Past lyrics

I'm scared that everything chances and I don't know what's coming next.
I'm in love with the stars because they remind me of you tonight.
And you said don't go.
When I said let go.
And I never want to say I'm sorry for you again.
Again, again.

So it's interesting that I stayed.
And for once I knew how I made you feel happy standing right next to me.
And of course, I had to change.
When you said don't go,
And I said lets go.
And I never want to make the same mistake with you again.
Again, again.

And you can say we've never kissed.
Cause me its always been more than that.
And I'm trying dreaming of our future in the past.

And it's taking my life away.
You're taking my life away.

And nothing seems right.
And nothing seems strong.
And everything is trite,
Everythings wrong with you in my life.
With you in my life again.
Again, again.