Even Stevens - Notice Me-From Disney Channel Movie Pixel Perfect lyrics

Here's a story of a girl
Livin in a lonely world
Hit a note her secret crush
A little boy who talks too much
Well I'm standing in the crowd
And when you smile I check you out
But you don't even know my name
Youre too busy playing games
And I want you to know
If you lose your ways
I won't let you go

Tell Me
If I cut my hair
If I change my clothes
Will you notice me
If I bite my lips
If I say hello
Will you notice me
What's it gonna take for you to see
To get ya to notice me

I'm not like the rest
I just don't care if youre the best
It's all the same to me
You just be who you wanna be
It's all the same to me


To get ya to notice me